The Only Guide You Need to Being A Tourist in NYC

Posted in Uncategorized by a1icey on April 29, 2012

(i.e., follow these rules and we promise we won’t kill you and barbecue your remains).

Walking on the sidewalks:


  • Do not stop suddenly or stand still in the middle of the sidewalk, particularly at the corner. Move right up against a building or all the way to the edge of the curb if you need to stop for any reason. If you need to send a text message, stop!
  • Generally, car rules apply. That means slow walkers stay to the right. In general, if there is heavy foot traffic, you switch to two lanes going into opposite directions, just like a regular two-way road. Never make sudden movements without looking behind you. This includes slowing down or stopping.
  • It is generally unacceptable to walk side by side in a group of more than two – even if it isn’t crowded, you will take up the entire sidewalk. Once it becomes crowded, you should walk in single file, even if you are only two people. If you can’t handle this (because you have too many children, for example) don’t come to New York.
  • Remember that a lot of New Yorkers commute by foot. We have to put up with you every day and often have to walk and take the subway through many crowded areas just to get to work. Be considerate, think of the traffic jams you sit in for you commute. You are the bad driver in our traffic jam.
  • These rules primarily apply near the World Trade Center, in Soho, near Union Square, and in all of Midtown.

Hailing a Cab:

  • Do not do this standing in front of a bus stop. That’s for people who need to hail buses. The cabs get easily confused if you get into this habit.
  • If you try to hail a cab and a black car stops, this is not a limo. You do not pay extra for these cabs. You must negotiate the price before getting into the cab. Never pay more than what you would pay a yellow cab for the same route. They are illegal and do not pay for medallions, so you should be able to pay less. If they change the price during the route, ignore it and pay what you agreed to. They cannot force you to pay because they are illegal.


  • Always stand all the way back to let people get off the trains if you are on the platform. Do not simply provide a small funnel-shaped space for people to get off as this slows down the process. Make sure every single person has exited before you begin to get on. If others violate this rule, do not panic and rush to violate it also. You will be able to get on, it is rare that there is not space for everyone.
  • People exiting the subway car have absolute priority over you. There is always another train for you (particularly as this is usually during rush hour) but they may have to pay again if they miss their stop and have to turn around.
  • Move all the way into the car. Unless you are under 5 feet tall, you can reach the bar that runs parallel to the ceiling. If you cannot move all the way into the car, get out of the subway car when people need to exit, or stand aside as best as you can.
  • If someone gets out of the subway car to let others exit, that person must be permitted to get back on first. If you get off temporarily and feel nervous that others will violate this rule, stand to the side and block others with your body and hold onto the side of the car door.
  • Take off backpacks and large bags and put them on the floor, or hold them down by your legs.
  • Never lean on a subway pole or hook your arm around it. A pole that could otherwise permit five people to hold on then becomes usable by one person. This is extremely unacceptable during rush hour.
  • Always remember that many of the people around you are commuting to and from difficult jobs with long hours. They have to put up with you every day, all year round. It is considerate not to yell or speak loudly, and to take the time to observe who is commuting and give them priority for seats.

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  1. Ren Ariel Sano said, on May 14, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Preach, sister!

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