Courtney Stodden has more revolution in her than all of OWS combined

Posted in Uncategorized by a1icey on December 7, 2011

So, this year Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchinson. And apparently, that’s not very popular. Her name appears on the list of “45 Things We Should Forget About 2011” but not “The Most Powerful Images of 2011.”  And that is fundamentally wrong.

I am being 100% non-facetious here. I’ve been a revolutionary my whole life, and I know quality when I see it. First of all, there’s nothing morally wrong with what she did. In most of the rest of the world, the age of consent is below 16. America has strange puritan roots that have been exacerbated by our reversion to religiosity since the 1950s. We’re an outlier and it is unhealthy. I believe our absurd relationship with sex causes a huge portion of society’s evils, including white collar crime, child abuse, sex trafficking and other social problems that we can’t talk about. People need to stop this love-hate relationship with sex. More importantly, we need to talk openly about this aspect of human existence. Which is where Courtney Stodden comes in. She throws it in your fucking face. She married someone to have sex with him. It’s the ultimate paradox – she took advantage of a marriage law loophole to do something overtly sexual, and all in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, as she proclaims in lisps on every interview. No one can question the Christian validity of her marriage. That’s the hard part – she’s spotless in her execution.

And for that, I think that Courtney Stodden’s marriage deserves acknowledgement as one of the most historically significant events of 2011.


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  1. thomas said, on May 5, 2012 at 2:36 am

    I totally agree. Glad to find someone with a similar view 🙂 Here’s something I posted on my FB about it: I realize this may seem a bit incongruous to those of you who know me for being an Arch Conservative, but I am also an ardent fan of all things comic and entropic and mischievous. And while on the ONE hand I genuinely think, for example, that many aspects of our current culture are truly detrimental and actually quite dangerous, and that The Internet should very definitely be destroyed before it destroys us, on the OTHER hand I find myself getting a real kick out of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison’s shtick. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF THEM!!! I’m flabbergasted by their antics. I’m tempted to think that it’s a great big extended practical joke on their part, “Performance Art” or something; a tongue-in-cheek parody of celebrity, fame-courting/whoring, reality tv, and American gullibility. I’m also tempted to think that they are 100% real, but inhabiting an altogether different plane of existence than ours, one where the rules of normal behavior, propriety and decorum simply do not apply. Sometimes I think that they might even be Satanists or something, and that they’re simply in it to fuck with our heads and thereby thumb their noses at the very Laws of Nature and (by consequence) God Himself. I JUST DON’T KNOW. But they are so absurd that I find myself mesmerized by them. They are AWESOME…if I were only to discover that they were Conservative Republicans, I think my faith in Human Nature would be renewed…

  2. Ren Ariel Sano said, on May 14, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    The reason people are appalled by this, the reason I am appalled by this, is not that a sixteen year old is having sex but that she is married and having sex with a 51 year old man that should know better. I see nothing wrong with having sex at 16 nor do I have any qualms about premarital sex. In fact, I recommend it. But the evolutionary tool that humans developed over millennia that turns us into such intelligent animals is childhood. It takes a very long time for the human brain to develop, significantly longer than any other animal. A sixteen year old’s brain is not fully formed and we don’t live in a country where a female child cannot support herself without a husband and therefore needs to be married off as soon as possible. I’m also pretty sure they have human trafficking and child abuse in even the most sexually open minded countries…and I have no idea what relationship to white collar crime you are seeing but there is nothing revolutionary about this, it is done everyday in hundreds of patriarcal countries. We live in a society where women are not bought and sold between fathers and husbands, like cattle. Therefore we are shocked when something we are used to only happening in places where it’s illegal for women to read, happens in the public eye and someone we recognize is involved.

    Having said that, I love this whole Courtney-Doug thing. The same way I loved it when Brittany Spears shaved her head and attacked the paparazzi. And maybe they are totally in love and will stay together and she will not live to regret this as we all expect. But she can’t even vote and she is entering a supposed life long contract. Good thing her parents are getting paid…such lovely Christian morals.

  3. Till Eulenspiegel said, on June 8, 2012 at 10:44 am

    I just love it when I see people who apparently aren’t Christians and who (again, apparently) despise or at least disagree with all things Christian wind up criticizing Christians for not being (in their judgment) good enough Christians…

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