Posted in * by a1icey on January 15, 2010

“Lotus Cloud hops out of bed and plunges her head into a pail of cold water, bellows ‘Aaarrrggghhh!’ runs a comb through her hair, and looks around to see if there’s anyone handy who feels like making love. If such is the case, she hops back into bed. If not, she jumps into whatever clothes are lying around and leaps out the door — or window, it doesn’t matter — to see what wonders the new day will bring, and since she views the world with the delighted eyes of a child, the day is bound to be marvelous. ”

“Perhaps we still have a memory of sex, rather as water ‘remembers’ molecules no matter how diluted. But that is the whole point: this is only a molecular memory, the corpuscular memory of an earlier life, and not a memory of forms or singularities (water, after all, can hardly retain the features of a face, or the colour of someone’s eyes). So what we are left with is the simple imprint of a faceless sexuality infinitely watered down in a broth of politics, media and communications, and eventually manifested in the viral explosion of AIDS.”


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