Between 12:00 and 12:23 this afternoon

Posted in * by a1icey on February 15, 2009

I was driving and I was going past this intersection where there were no stores or anything – just fences. And there was this little girl and I told her to get in and asked her where she lived. She said she couldn’t remember her house address. So I decided to take her to the police station but then strange things started happening. First she held out a small silicone chip on the edge of a pin to my ear and said “That is my cell phone” and I heard strange intermittent radio noises. Then I noticed that her hands were white and her face was light black. She started pushing things at my face, pens, and then a fork, and I kept driving and drove to my apartment. I kept asking her “Do you like music, do you like video games?” to distract her from her strange behavior and it sort of worked. She went back to being a normal little girl after i did that.

At some point in the car she stuck two pins into each side of her nostrils and they started bleeding. Back in my apartment something went wrong with my eyesight. And I couldn’t find her. The front door was wide open and cold air was blowing in, and I ran and got my cell phone and prepared to call the police but then realized there was one thing I hadn’t checked. I went into a bathroom and she was wrapped on the floor in a dark blue blanket “sleeping” but she had put pins through her eyelids and there were more pins in her nose and she had something in her hand.


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